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Suggest your favourite restaurants (could share more than one; feel free to suggest specific foods to try at a certain place)! *

Your go-to cafés ? (Local gems or Lonely Planet-ish tourist spots!) *

Suggest some typical food/drinks travellers should try! *

What are the things your city is generally known for, and tourists are definitely recommended to try/do? *

What are the top 3-5 places you would recommend wonderers to visit? *

Please also suggest places/to do's/walks that are “local”, not just the popular tourist places.
What activities would you recommend trying in your city?


Does your city host a festival? Have a fun food/crafts fare?  Please add a link where if applicable.
Where should Wonders (be mindful: solo female travellers!) go for a night out? Please suggest safe & good places for pubing/partying! *

Places to stay (specific hostels/hotels that are safe, or just generally an area/district in the city to look for accommodation, that is safe and optimal for sightseeing)! *

What are your top FEMALE TRAVELLER SAFETY TIPS for this city? Anything to be aware of? Any areas to avoid? *

Any contacts and/or suggestions what to do if a Wonders gets in trouble in your city? (police, emergency, helpline…) *

Any other special tips that can help make a Wonderer’s stay unforgettable? *

How should we accredit you? Do you have a blog we can link back to or your Instagram? *

Thank you for being part of the GoWonder family. We will get in touch very soon. In the mean time, do check out our website where all the city guides will be published! www.letsgowonder.com

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